Julie In The Berkshires

November 30, 2014 at 3:56pm

For the last 15 years or so, Thanksgiving has been at my brother's home because it was closer for my folks who didn't have to drive so far to one of our homes. Steve always made the stuffing from scratch and I couldn't get enough of it. We each brought a part of it and the meal was traditional and completely delicious from start to finish. This year, Dad passed away in April...Mom left us in 2002...and my sister immediately said she'd like to have us all at her home in New York this year. She was cooking turkey but nothing else on the menu was traditional...EXCEPT that she asked if I would please bring my pumpkin pie AND the dinner rolls! I was thrilled...and sorry we'd miss Steve's stuffing...but everything on her menu was a surprise and absolutely scrumptious. I've been making your BIG BATCH QUICK DINNER ROLLS for a while now and everyone loves them, especially ME! And I love that I can make 2-3 dozen in one quick session so everyone has plenty. Each of my siblings and my nephew took home the extra rolls but I was good...I only had one at dinner. I'll only be happy about that when I step on the scale at my next WW meeting! ;)
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