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November 27, 2016 at 12:47pm

In reply to by Efrain Vargas (not verified)

Efrain, there are a number of other factors (other than temperature) that might lead your cookies to spread. The more sugar used in a recipe, the more cookies tend to spread; and higher moisture ingredients like brown sugar (instead of white) or butter (instead of shortening) can also lead to a chewier, flatter cookie. Hopefully your recipe is written with the correct leavening agent in mind, so we wouldn't recommend changing that unless you are also changing other ingredients (like the type of cocoa and/or melted chocolate called for in the recipe as this would also change the overall PH balance of your dough). It's difficult to know which factor is to blame without being more familiar with your recipe and process, so it may take some experimentation for you to get them right. Our blog articles on Cookie Chemistry ( and can help guide you, and the bakers on our hotline are here to help if you'd like to troubleshoot further: 855-371-BAKE. Best of luck! Mollie@KAF
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