October 5, 2014 at 1:22pm

Just made this and I'm hoping y'all can help me troubleshoot a bit of graininess in the texture of my finished product. Here's what I did: made it in my Vitamix, so I know it wasn't "under blended" haha. I used a pre shredded Mexican Four-Cheese blend, which melts well but is pretty mild. So, when I blended the powdered milk, gelatin and boiling water, I also blended in 2 Tbsp of KA Vermont Cheese powder to amp up the cheesiness. Everything was all dissolved looking, so I then blended in the shredded cheese. The flavor is almost a little too cheesy - think blue box mac and cheese. It set up very quickly, and has a bit of a gritty look and mouthfeel to it. Not ruined, because I'm just going to melt this into mac and cheese or queso dip, but do y'all think the cheese powder is the gritty culprit or is it from using pre shredded cheese? Thanks! PS - LOVE this blog!!!
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