May 27, 2015 at 6:31pm

Alison, I think your recipe rocks. It has saved my wife and I from a big disappointment. You see, after living in the UK for many years, I had almost lost the taste of a good bread. Until lately that we went to Paris for a few days. We were served bread with every meal we ordered and despite the place (bakery, restaurant or cafe) the bread was delicious every time. So after we returned I did not enjoy any type of bread I bought from any store. And believe me I tired all the expensive ones too. Living in a small town doesn't help either as choices are limited. I tried baking homemade breads before but as much as they looked nice they didn't taste satisfying. So I started searching for artisan bread recipe because I remember seeing the word artisan in bakeries signs in Paris. It is silly I know but sometimes the simplest words are the best clues. Then I found your recipe. Even though I am a novice baker, by following your recipe, I managed to bake a very delicious loaf with full of texture, bubble and most of all the taste. The photos in this page are very helpful to accomplish a perfect bread particularly for an inexperienced bakers like me. I make a big mess in the kitchen when I prepare the dough and she normally doesn’t come to the kitchen until I cleaned it up. But despite all of these she asks me to bake for her as she really enjoys the bread from your recipe. The best part is that unlike most breads we can buy from stores, it doesn't cause her any acid reflux problem which is a big plus point for your recipe. I must admit, once I tried your recipe without preparing the starter as I had forgotten to prepare it the night before, but even though the result was a delicious bread. So we both thank you for sharing your recipe with us in such a details style.
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