January 21, 2014 at 1:35pm

I must say that for a long time I ignored the KAF scone mix. First, I was not a fan of scones since the ones you buy are usually like eating cardboard and making them from scratch just seemed like too much work, though I have done it. Second, I, too, will admit to a certain amount of "mix" snobbery. That changed a couple of years ago when a friend, who knows about my KAF addiction, gave me a variety of scone mixes and a scone pan for Christmas. What an epiphany! I discovered that the word "mix" is not synonymous with "tasteless, dry, and artificial". Though I'm still discovering my favorite flavors, I'm never without a couple of boxes of peaches and cream in my cupboard. And now, the idea of peaches and cream pancakes? The world is my oyster!!
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