August 11, 2015 at 10:41am

I am so excited about this bread recipe. I live in Kentucky and was first introduced to salt rising bread in college. In today's world it is difficult to find a good salt rising bread. I purchased this bread at our local farmers market. It just did not taste the same. It tasted more like sourdough. So when I saw this recipe I took the challenge and WOW! It came out great. I had some course grained grits in my freezer that I bought at Farmers Market. It has the whole grain. My biggest challenge was the temperature. I could not use a heating pad because mine has an automatic shut off after 2 hours. My oven light is a low heat output bulb energy efficient bulb. So I went to my slow cooker. It is NOT a crock pot. It has temperature settings from 150 degrees to 500 degrees. I put my starter in the cooker. I filled the well with about an inch of water and turned the slow cooker on just until the indicator light came on. That was below the 150 degree range. Success. After I added the second starter I put back in cooker with the water. After I formed my loaf I put a rack in the cooker and put the bread loaf on the rack and still about an inch of water in the well. It was perfect. Thank you P.J. You are amazing!
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