Jennie Morris

December 24, 2013 at 9:15pm

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So here is what I did... I decided that cupcakes would be a little small so I used my KAF burger bun pan with parchment on the bottom. I made the cake batter and divided between the 6 (please note that this was the beginning of my problem) cheesecakes. They took about 13 minutes (350 convection) and while they were cooling I made the cheesecake filling. OOPS. I should have paid more attention to the amount of filling. My 6 little cheesecakes only used 1/2 of the batter. So I tasted after I finished the first 6 - WOW! And I liked the ratio between cake and cheesecake so I made another recipe of cake and repeated the process using the rest of the cheesecake filling. I used a sheet pan and filled with water to hold my mini cheesecake pan (you really should change the name of the pan - I have) and baked for approximately 50 minutes. Since I had refrigerated the filling while finishing the first batch, they took several minutes longer than the room temperature ones. In the end, I had 12 beautiful, delicious mini cheesecakes. I won't say individual cheesecakes because the size is really 2 servings. I don't think I would ever make it as 1 cheesecake. I gave them as gifts this Christmas.
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