Pat Templeton

September 6, 2015 at 4:08pm

I have a moral decision to make here. I promised the dog a fresh batch of his favorite KAF dog biscuits today. One does not easily break one's promise to a 65 pound dog with soulful eyes. But then there's this pie. Oh, the temptation. But the pie must wait til tomorrow. As a reward for keeping my word to the dog, I plan a pie filling experiment: There are (in Texas) Mexican dark baking chocolates filled with finely ground dried peppers. The types of dried peppers available vary from mild to scorching hot. I'll sub some Mexican chocolate for some of the melted chocolate in the filling and let the peppers be my extract. Dark chocolate, hot peppers, and lots of cold, cold whipped cream--sounds like it has potential. If this works out I'll write again about the brand of chocolate, proportions, etc. This combo of chocolates is based on a classic Mexican chocolate cake. Plus I'm sure the peppers' heat will eliminate all the pie's calories!
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