April 20, 2012 at 10:35am

The recipes featured in this latest posting are some of our ALL time family favorites! With this popular blog hopefully more home-bakers will now find and enjoy these as much as we do. (Indeed, whenever I am asked about MY recipes, I simply refer them to the KAF website.) A question on the yogurt strainer: Does it really hold 32 oz, undrained? Some users comment that the capacity of this otherwise useful gadget is not large enough to hold the entire amount from a container of store-bought yogurt. I would appreciate what the test kitchen has to say about this. Thanks. Anne, the test kitchen (me) says, take a look at the picture of the yogurt when I first put it in: that's 32 ounces. The Wave doesn't hold 32 ounces with the top on, when you first put it in; but I spoon in the entire quart (32 oz.) container; let it sit for an hour without the lid, and after an hour it's drained enough I can snap the lid on. It's honestly not an issue, IMHO... PJH
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