April 6, 2012 at 11:44am

PJ - just in time! My husband and I are moving into our new home this weekend (finally!!!!) and the kitchen is so much bigger than the one in our apartment (you'd think that kitchens in houses are bigger than the kitchens in apartments but you'd be wrong - one of the homes we looked at had a kitchen the size of my laundry room. We left quickly.). I've been wanting to try out a sourdough starter for months now but knowing we'd be moving, I decided to wait. I really appreciate all the ideas and extras from not only you but in the comments as well. I hate wasting food so the thought of simply throwing away the starter was a bit of a drawback for me. Thanks again for all the help and hints!! :) Well, welcome to your new home - wish I was there to bring you a loaf of bread and some salt, which is a traditional way to welcome someone to a new home (in Eastern Europe). Anyway, the very best of luck with your starter - have fun! PJH
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