March 13, 2012 at 4:06pm

These are a MUST-TRY!! A number of years ago I had become the "birthday cake baker" where I worked. A couple months before her big day, I asked my boss what she might like for her cake. Her reply was that she wanted to combine her favorite two flavors - chocolate and scotch whiskey! Ooooo-K! I checked in every book I had, the KAF website, various cooking magazines I subscribed to and saved. Nothing. One day while I was searching Epicurious I found a Q&A/discussion site and posted a request. In an amazingly short time, someone came back with a link to a recipe at It was a chocolate cake with raisins that had been soaked in scotch plus the scotch added. So you thought you were biting into chocolate cake and then bit down on a raisin and "Wow!" My boss was thrilled (but I still didn't get a raise) and fairly floated back up to her office and completely forgot to come back for the leftovers to take home. The only really odd ingredient in the cake is finely ground almonds that give it a slightly gritty texture that I don't much care for. But the overall taste is wonderful though not recommended for a group that includes children. Wow, that sounds like one heck of a cake! You should have gotten that raise! ~ MaryJane Carolyn
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