December 17, 2012 at 6:52pm

Hey! Great recipe. Just wondering how many pieces of bark you get out of this, assuming you break it up into decent sized pieces? Assuming I want to make this alongside three other candy recipes and split it up amongst 7 people for Xmas, will there be enough? Also I noticed a comment just above me saying the bark can sometimes shatter into tiny pieces when you try to break it. Any tips on avoiding this happening? I didn't really understand what the above commentator said about "scoring" the chocolate into diamond shapes. There are 28 ounces of chocolate in this recipe, and the yield is stated as 2 dozen pieces. To score the bar - make shallow cuts or slices with a knife to pre-cut the chocolate right after the topping is sprinkled on - this will make start lines for the separation once the chocolate candy is hardened, often making it easier to break into pieces you want instead of so many random pieces. Happy Baking - or candy making! Irene @ KAF
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