July 27, 2011 at 2:26pm

Thanks for a wonderful recipe, can't wait to try it! I usually zest enough limes, lemons and oranges, whenever I have them around, to keep a stash of citrus zest in the freezer to use throughout the year. Limes, tangerines and sometimes smaller lemons can be zested using a food processor for the majority of the work. I have a 14-cup food processor, so the hopper and grating areas are relatively large and will allow enough room for the fruit to spin and tumble a bit to get the zest off of most of the entire surface. I put the fine grating disk on my food processor, then drop the (small) whole lemon into the hopper, lock on the top and hold up/lock up the pusher so its not resting on the fruit. Use 1-second manual pulses to spin the lemon against the grating disk, it revolves and gets off most of the zest, only takes two or three pulses. Be careful to stop pulsing before the white layer under the peel is removed. I do the entire batch of lemons before scraping out the processor bowl into a freezer container, then remove the small bits of zest remaining on the ends of the naked lemons with a plane grater. To avoid the 'naked fruit sitting around' problem, I go ahead and squeeze out the juice, remove seeds and freeze into ice cube trays, then transfer to ziptop freezer bags. All in all, it only takes me a few minutes to completely process a bag of limes or small lemons, and usually no skinned fingers! I love the idea of having citrus powders on hand, am going to order some! That's amazing! I just got a new food processor for Mother's Day, so once I get the fine grating disk I'm going to give this a try. My daugher and her friends have been into raspberry lemonade this summer, so no naked fruit this season. Thanks so much for sharing this cool tip. ~ MaryJane
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