April 11, 2019 at 2:09pm

Greetings, made these last evening was very excited how nicely the meringue whipped up, I admit I have been fearful of anything meringue. I made the individual ones watched them closely they started to slightly turn brown at 45 minutes and they looked so beautiful. I left the oven door on all night its an electric oven but I suspect it might be the cause of my problem. Today I took them out and bumped the pan and a thin shell shattered off of the outside of my beauties. It leaves them with not as pretty and shiny finish but they are crisp and have the soft marshmallow inside, really I might be making something out of nothing. Could the light have dried out the thin outside layer and caused it to shatter? I recently discovered that I could dry out extra citrus zest inside my oven by just leaving it spread out on a pan overnight with the light on. The natural oils do not easily evaporate since the heat is low and the zest stores beautifully. I suspect that when I serve these that no one would notice that the outside shell came off but I thought I would check. Thank you for all of your blogs that help me to learn more of the techniques needed for your wonderful recipes.
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