Tom Grein

November 3, 2015 at 10:06am

In reply to by martibeth (not verified)

I've learned to make my own ketchup (or catsup for some of you in northern Michigan). I like the ability to control salt and sugar. I use late fall, really fresh, juicy tomatoes, cook them down to almost a paste, and then divide it into any number of units and add different spices to each one. My favorite spices are ground all-spice, cumin, curry, chili or mustard or onion powders, or use your imagination. You can use a little cayenne if you like the heat. Try brown sugar or raw sugar for a great taste and color. Mix and match the spices and label carefully. The ketchup is dark, and rich, and just wonderful. Makes a great hostess gift, too. You can hot can or it will still in the frig for a good length of time. The vinegar and salt help it keep. I never buy store ketchup any more.
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