May 4, 2011 at 10:27am

@ HMB - Thanks for the fresh berry tiramisu link! The husband and I may have to try it (after all, I have 8 quarts of strawberries sitting at my house, just begging to get used!)! @ Irene - Thanks ;) But for every blessing, it can sometimes be a curse. I can really, really want to like something but the minute that coffee flavor hits my tongue, that's it - I'm done and will pout for the rest of the day lol @ Marcin - I have to agree with you. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating having all the KAF products listed in a blog/recipe but when you have sooooo many products, as KAF does, it's nice to know that they have MULTIPLE uses for a product. They have so many different flours that it made my head spin the first time I looked at them all. But I pushed through and bought my first batch of Kamut flour to try and it was good to know that even though I didn't use all the flour on the first try, there are many, many ways of using the remainder of it. Without the helpful assistance of all the KAF bloggers and service people (y'all are the best, honestly!), many people would end up having products wasting away on our shelves because you felt like you could only use it for one thing and one thing only. Are there usually substitutions? Sure. But this is a business after all - not a personal blog. Part of their job is to sell their products so they have every single right to "product place" their products. At least they are helpful in saying, "Yes, you can use this instead" rather than "Nope, sorry. You're out of luck." Every is entitled to their own opinions (that's what makes life interesting) but I don't mind all the product placement simply because this is the King Arthur Flour blog so of course they're going to use KAF products. It's almost expected, in my opinion. No one says that you have to run out and purchase everything that is listed on the blog. That's what the comments are for - to find out where you can change things or where other people have substituted. If you don't like the product placement, disregard them and just enjoy the helpful hints and tips that come out of this blog (not to mention the mishaps!).
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