January 22, 2022 at 2:50pm

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Well, the need for folks to comment about KAF products used in a KAF recipe from a KAF baking blog as if there is anything inappropriate about it have really given me a lot of pleasure: because now I can't wait to support the good people from KAF even more and order up some of that KAF clear gell and give it a try in the tiramisu cake and see what happens!!!!!! A little present to myself, a fun adventure to try out, an experiment that will be fun no matter how it turns out or what I think. It will make me happy to give it a try, to share with a friend or my family to make them smile, - we will laugh if I cook up a flop the first time, and they will eat it with spoons and extra whipped cream if need be - my point is " THANK YOU, KAF and KAF folks. You enhance my world, my baking pleasure, my connectedness to things we can all share and hope for, and we need more of that in this world today" Bring on the KAF gell, the KAF products, the KAF camaraderie -- I want you to survive and thrive and I am HONORED to support your business and your products and be part of this little community and I will enjoy doing so even more going forward. have a good day out there if you can, Folks. I hope you can bake some love into your, and someone else's day, and if things are difficult for you right now, I hope they are better for you and all of us soon. thank you! best, aunt carol, santa rosa

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