July 23, 2010 at 10:06pm

Roger, Yes we sure are dating ourselves. I can confess to 75 years and I bought the books at the local Purity Supreme (I lived in a Boston suburb) and like you, got one a week. I don't remember the price but it was quite low for the book of the week. Earlier volumes were available but at a more normal price. This recipe - Summertime Skillet Cale - is similar to one that I had experienced at a friend's home. When I wrote a thank you for their hospitality, I requested the recipe. It was a long time before I received it and I thought it looked a bit odd. When I attempted to make it (using fresh sweet cherries as I had experienced it), it was a total disaster. I finally threw out the recipe but as I recall, the dough went on the bottom and the cherries on top and the dough was supposed to rise up between the fruit. The quantity of dough was about half a cup and, as I said, a total disaster. So, with this recipe I will try again and maybe have better success. I don't have an electric skillet so will make it in the oven. Maybe I will then e-mail this recipe to those friends!! You've got me by about a generation, Carolyn, but we used to shop at Purity-Supreme - which has been gone a LONG time, eh? South Shore, I think there was one in Scituate. Hope this version of the recipe works out for you - PJH
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