February 21, 2010 at 5:32pm

Made these today to enjoy with Sunday coffee. Was surprised they tasted so "wheaty," what with the walnuts, candied orange and Fiori di Sicilia flavoring. But they were very tender, and since they were made with whole grain, I could tell myself they were a healthy indulgence! My dough didn't seem all that wet (this particular brand of buttermilk I was using is really thick), so instead of using the disher, I patted the dough into a rectangle and used my bench knife to cut squares, and that made for pretty scones, especially once they were iced. If I'd cut the squares again into triangles, that would have made really cute little scones for a brunch tray. Here's one of my favorite uses for Fiori di Sicilia -- use it to flavor a basic butter spritz cookie recipe. I love to use the flower plate and press an upside down chocolate chip in the middle to be the flower's center. Makes a yummy little cookie with an unusual flavor that's nice for special occasions. Hi - Sometimes when my scone or biscuit dough seems on the dry side, I simply add more liquid until a nice sticky but managable dough is made. I just use whatever I have (milk, 1/2 & 1/2) if I run out of buttermilk, heavy cream, for example. Usually it only takes a few more tablespoons to get the consistency I am looking for. Fiori di Sicilia is so fun to experiment with. Your spritz cookies sound great! Elisabeth @ KAF
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