November 5, 2009 at 7:27pm

PJ Sourdough starter can really die and it smells really bad. I brought another batch and I began to feed according to directions. The starter did not bubble and become alive like the last time. I realized I was using different bottled water…the water was calcium chlorinated. I went out and brought natural spring water and the sour dough is now alive and growing well. I plan to use some whole wheat in my discarded starter to start a whole wheat starter. This pizza dough well be used over Thanksgiving weekend when our family gathers and the turkey is finished…I believe by Saturday. Kids and pizza go well together but I do not want to spend the weekend cooking. Will I be able to make this pizza dough, partially cook and freeze? Something like the “Now and later pizza” which is now my basic pizza dough. I can not tell you how my cooking skills have improved since using your products and recipes. The blog is especially informative. Thank you, Pat Pat, thanks for your kind words. Yes, sourdough can go bad - if it smells BAD rather than acidic/alcoholic; or if it gets a pink tinge, it's time to discard the whole thing and start again, as some unfriendly bacteria have managed to get in... You know, for kids, I'd suggest your No or Later recipe - it's a bit fluffier, and not tangy. A lot of kids would find sourdough pizza crust too strong-tasting. Yes, you can parbake and freeze any pizza crust - just bake it till it's set but not browned, cool, and freeze. But stick with the Now or Later Thanksgiving weekend - Good luck. PJH
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