April 26, 2009 at 3:53pm

I'm going to try this for our next potluck get-to-gether. It will be an excellent way to control portion so you know you have enough for everyone. On sharing recipes...my neighbor's daughter got together with her and all the aunts and cousins and put together "scrapbook cookbooks". They had "theme" sections (family picnics/birthday dinners/holidays etc.). They copied pictures (hurray for color copiers!),put decorations and favorite recipes for each theme. Thus was preserved many family treasures! They did them in binders so new things could be added in. I asked for one and I'm not family! What a great way to share favorite recipes. Last Mother's Day my Mom passed down the family cookbook to me, complete with hand written notes on my favorites. It is a real treasure to me for so many reasons. I plan on blogging her tomato soup cake someday! ~ MaryJane
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