Barb at King Arthur

May 14, 2022 at 12:21pm

In reply to by Ana (not verified)

Hi Ana, it sounds like your dough might have been a bit too warm going into the refrigerator, and fermentation happened faster than is ideal. You may find this article on desired dough temperature helpful when it comes to producing a slightly cooler dough. When you notice the dough is rising assertively in the refrigerator you may also find it helpful to give it a fold or two rather than letting it rise and collapse. This will help the dough cool down a bit faster, and can also help prevent fermentation gases from building up in the dough and affecting the flavor of your bread. If you happened to use the variety of instant yeast called Rapid Rise, we've found that particular brand of yeast tends to give you one good rise, and then poop out over time. For a project like this, where the dough is refrigerated for an extended time, you may find that the SAF Red Instant Yeast will give you more staying power. 

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