Mike T.

January 17, 2009 at 9:16am

Okay, got a question... My family gets together for each of our birthdays, and I just had mine a week ago. I'm currently on a diet so I've postponed the get together until mid-Feb. We usually do dinner, but I want a brunch. I just bought the Pain de Mie and would like to make the Challah recipe in it for french toast. How should I adjust it for that pan? From the question that I posted about a normal loaf pan on the Pain de Mie blog entry, it looks like I should increase the flour. Any idea by how much? Also, will the recipe be enough, or should I make 1.5x or 2x? Thanks! The pain de mie recipe yields a 2.5# batch of dough, the challah yields a batch at 1.75#. You will need to increase all of the challah ingreients except the yeast by 30% to equalize the dough weight. Frank From KAF.
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