deb devo

June 21, 2008 at 9:44am

I LOVE THIS BLOG! Sorry for the caps, but I just had to make it empatic enough. I 'found' this blog last week and my printer has been smokin', printing out new recipes. I have been making my own hamburger buns for awhile (not sure where I got the recipe), but these onion ones sound awesome and I will definitely try them. You guys/gals are just terrific for all of the work you do, and in my little SC community, I continue to turn folks on to KAF...they know I bake a LOT, and I always tell them I don't use anything else. Thanks for your kind comments, Deb - and thanks for spreading the word in SC. Speaking on behalf of my fellow 167 employee-owners here at King Arthur Flour, we appreciate it! - PJH
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