February 12, 2009 at 9:41am

hi PJ, just wanted you to know that i have tried your scali bread and it came out looking just like it should only i didn't get the rise i was hoping for and the flavor and texture wasn't the same as i get at the bakery. any ideas why? my starter was dry with a crust on it like others have said but it still mixed fine and made a good dough. what can i di to get it to rise more and be more airy and not so dense? thanks for any advise, i love scali and live in maine and just can't find it here so i was excited to make it. You might want to begin by checking your yeast, if your dough is not rising. There may be several differences between this recipe and you local bakery's. These would account for a different flavor and texture. Frank from KAF>
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