January 11, 2009 at 3:12am

Thank you so much for the recipe. I live in Arkansas and missed the good breads available in Chicago where I lived as a young married woman. My husband is first generation Italian and I was introduced to good bread by his mother, but never had anything like the scali rolls I find at one of the Wal Mart super stores in the town across the river. Now I can make my own to be sure I have it to make my favorite sandwich. I love crusty bread and make a wonderful sandwich with the scali rolls. I slice the roll and butter the outside, then I open the roll and place it crust side out on a hot skillet and put a press on it. After it has developed a really crisp outer layer I remove the press and add munster cheese and thin sliced roast beef and heat until the cheese is melted. I add slices of avacodo and a tiny touch of Honey Royal french dressing. Maybe you will like it too! Oh, boy, Maxine - does that ever sound good! Now I have to go make some scali rolls... PJH
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