Dana Booth

May 29, 2008 at 4:22am

PJ, thanks to you, Susan, and the other KAF bakers for being such wonderful stewards of traditional baking. I haven't checked out the Pillsbury Bake-Off recipes in a while, but I know they used to be more of the traditional baking recipes. Pillsbury flour was certainly used frequently. There is one recipe winner from I don't know how long ago that I still love to make (Split Second cookies, but with KAF flour and homemade strawberry jam. yum :) I guess the Bake-Off is just following the trend and going towards more convenience food recipes. I understand people feeling pushed for time, but it's still sad. On a positive note tho, just notice how many of us are still out there that like to do more traditional cooking and baking. My [paternal] grandmother was an outstanding baker and my mother got me started very young, so both sides handed down the tradition. I'm 42 and have already been baking for 30+ years. I have three young sons (ages 2, 4, and 6) that I in turn am trying already to show the pleasures of baking and cooking and hope they will continue it on as well. And who knows, with the current economy maybe the trend will switch back to scratch baking! :) Dana, thanks for continuing to carry the "baking flag"- your sons are lucky to have a mom like you! - PJH
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