December 7, 2011 at 9:52am

> When I used to enjoy them at the Camden Home Bakery in > Camden, Maine (yes, they’d traveled beyond Canada), they > were a large, flattish, moist, iced cinnamon bun. I do believe > they were deep-fried, too; the bun part was rather like a yeast- > raised doughnut. As it turns out, I'm the step-grandson of one of the Camden Home Bakery owners. According to the Bangor Daily News, another local bakery (in Belfast) has apparently successfully reproduced the Persian bun: (note, the URL is not clickable, and needs to be reassembled) From the article: > The buns are now available both at the Belfast bakery and at > French & Brawn Marketplace in Camden, which gets a > delivery from Weaver’s a couple of times a week. I’ve always meant to make them, just haven’t yet. Maybe you’ve finally given me the impetus to figure them out once and for all! Lurker, I was up in Camden a couple of months ago and actually did get a Persian Bun at French & Brawn's! For research purposes, of course. They don't match the other written info. I've seen about them - namely, the deep frying, and raspberry icing - but oh, my, they're tasty: classic yeast cinnamon bun with thick chocolate icing. I took a picture before it disappeared - for a future blog, hopefully. If you ever get any "family insight" into the recipe, I'd love to hear it! Trust me, those Persian Buns provided the Camden Herald crew with regular sustenance for years... :) PJH
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